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Walk with Donkeys on Crete

‘Walk with donkeys’ sanctuary was started in 2006 and is run by Alistair and Suzanne. It is a ‘not for profit’ charitable organisation in Greece. we receive no money or help from the government. We rely on fundraising and donations to help us to look after these wonderful and previously abused animals.

After witnessing a donkey being left out in the sun to die we realised that we must start a home for unwanted donkeys so that their owners do not have to kill the donkeys when they are no longer of use to them.

The donkeys that we take into our sanctuary are given a ‚till death us do part‘ home. We do not sell or give away these donkeys. We do not re-home them in other parts of Europe.
Here in the beautiful surroundings close to the village of Anatoli near Ierapetra we have built a home for unwanted donkeys. Here they can live peacefully and happily in the company of other donkeys. Here they receive love, care, food, water and any medical attention that is needed.

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