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Thank you for visiting PAWS Crete.  We are a small voluntary animal welfare organisation established in 2009 and based in Istron, Kalo Horio, in East Crete, Greece.
We are dedicated to helping the plight of animals wherever we can.

PAWS volunteers rescue mistreated and abandoned animals, mostly dogs and puppies, and bring them to a safe foster home where they can relax and regain their health and begin to trust people again.  Over a period of a month or so we complete their vaccinations and prepare them for life in a permanent home.

Most of our rescued dogs have been flown to new homes in Holland with the help of the Mirtos Animal Project.  The Mirtos Animal Project is a voluntary organisation based in Holland and committed to helping rescued dogs find the loving homes they deserve.

In the long term we hope to be active in encouraging the Greek Government and law enforcement to uphold the animal welfare laws which are currently in place but rarely enforced.  We are also committed to working with other animal welfare groups, such as the Cretan Animal Welfare Group in Malia, who are dedicated to educating children on the importance of being kind and gentle towards animals in the hope of producing a new generation of Greeks who care for, love and respect animals.

PAWS BOARD MEMBERS                             More Information:

President Joan
Vice President- Jill
Treasurer Barbara
Secretary Karen
Member Bob.

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