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Friends Of The Animals – Elounda – Crete

The official site of Elounda’s Local Animal Welfare Group Crete is a beautiful Mediterranean island and like its climate the people are warm and friendly. However, kindness and friendliness does not exist for many of the animals here hence the reason for creating our organisation a few years ago.

Who Are We and What do we do?

We are a small animal welfare organisation and registered charity, formed in 1998, dedicated to helping those poor animals who are suffering and unable to help themselves. We rescue stray dogs from the streets and it is very often the case that these strays have been cruelly treated, injured or abandoned and are often starving. Life for them on the streets is hard and dangerous as they run the risk of poisoning or becoming a victim of the traffic. We put them into one of our few, temporary foster homes and ensure that they receive whatever veterinary treatment they may need.

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