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The Friends of Animals – Rethymno

The Friends of Animals – Rethymno try to help in a practical way, always provided there are enough funds. Puppies and injured or undernourished animals are cared for and get medical attention. They are vaccinated, de-wormed, nursed back to health again and possibly neutered. Equipped with the proper papers they are then ready to be rehomed.

Since the City of Rethymnon does not provide a shelter, the animals are being fostered in private homes, which are increasingly more difficult to find. Snoopy, found near May Hotel when it was raining cats and dogs

Other strays are neutered and released in the area they were found and preferably monitored and fed by caring animal lovers in the neighbourhood.

Bijou, stray dog from the beach, now living in Linz (Austria) Through newspaper ads and rehoming-lists published at the local vets and pet shops we attempt to rehome as many pets as possible in the Rethymnon area. The remaining ones are sent to other European countries after about a month, when their vaccinations are completed.

We have no other choice for the simple reason, we have to make room for other animals in need. Most of the dogs sent abroad will go again to private foster homes, just a few are sent to (selected) shelters.

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