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Animal Welfare in Sitia

The group, „Alliance“ is foremost in looking after the welfare of animals in Sitia (Crete) and the surrounding area.

The small group, formed in 1999, and run by local Greek people, has successfully placed many dogs in new homes both locally in Crete, and in other countries. In 2009 alone, over 90 dogs found new homes overseas, and many of them are pictured here. Currently, in 2010, many dogs and puppies are awaiting rehoming, while some have already been sent abroad for a fresh start in life.

The remit of the group is to care for all animals in the area, both domesticated animals and those in the wild, including dogs and cats which live on the streets and which are not capable of being re-homed. There are large numbers of „feral“ cats all over Greece, and Sitia has its fair share. The majority of them exist well on scraps from restaurants and tavernas during the summer, but life is more difficult for them in the winter, and it is at this time that the work of the group in feeding them is most important. Street dogs, too, need help, and many local businesses do their share in keeping them fed and sheltered during the winter months.

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