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Abandoned Pups

We are looking for people to foster ANY amount of pups they can for us , even if its only the one. Tonight 9 4 week old pups were found, cold, hungry and scared in a deserted building, covered from head to toes in Ticks, one pup was found alongside the other 8 dead, too late to save him but not too late for the others. We will provde beds,whelping cages, food, medicines and support until we can find new homes for these innocent little babies who deserve a chance. Please help us to help them we and the pups need your support!

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Animal Welfare in Sitia

The group, „Alliance“ is foremost in looking after the welfare of animals in Sitia (Crete) and the surrounding area.

The small group, formed in 1999, and run by local Greek people, has successfully placed many dogs in new homes both locally in Crete, and in other countries. In 2009 alone, over 90 dogs found new homes overseas, and many of them are pictured here. Currently, in 2010, many dogs and puppies are awaiting rehoming, while some have already been sent abroad for a fresh start in life.

The remit of the group is to care for all animals in the area, both domesticated animals and those in the wild, including dogs and cats which live on the streets and which are not capable of being re-homed. There are large numbers of „feral“ cats all over Greece, and Sitia has its fair share. The majority of them exist well on scraps from restaurants and tavernas during the summer, but life is more difficult for them in the winter, and it is at this time that the work of the group in feeding them is most important. Street dogs, too, need help, and many local businesses do their share in keeping them fed and sheltered during the winter months.

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The Friends of Animals – Rethymno

The Friends of Animals – Rethymno try to help in a practical way, always provided there are enough funds. Puppies and injured or undernourished animals are cared for and get medical attention. They are vaccinated, de-wormed, nursed back to health again and possibly neutered. Equipped with the proper papers they are then ready to be rehomed.

Since the City of Rethymnon does not provide a shelter, the animals are being fostered in private homes, which are increasingly more difficult to find. Snoopy, found near May Hotel when it was raining cats and dogs

Other strays are neutered and released in the area they were found and preferably monitored and fed by caring animal lovers in the neighbourhood.

Bijou, stray dog from the beach, now living in Linz (Austria) Through newspaper ads and rehoming-lists published at the local vets and pet shops we attempt to rehome as many pets as possible in the Rethymnon area. The remaining ones are sent to other European countries after about a month, when their vaccinations are completed.

We have no other choice for the simple reason, we have to make room for other animals in need. Most of the dogs sent abroad will go again to private foster homes, just a few are sent to (selected) shelters.

More Information English:

Mehr Informationen auf Deutsch:

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Cretan Animal Welfare Group


  • Promote respect for animal life and the environment.
  • Support actions to control animal reproduction.
  • We work for animal welfare in the production of animals for human consumption in order to diminish their suffering during upbringing, transport, and slaughter.
  • Care for Working Equines and educate their owners on animal husbandry…



The Cretan Animal Welfare Group (CAWG) was established and registered in 1995 to provide care for animals in need.

CAWG’s Vision is  “A world in which animals and the environment are respected and protected”.

Since 2003 stray dogs are, by law, the responsibility of the municipalities and this has contributed to CAWG’s Mission changing to improve the status and welfare of animals through:

  • Advocacy – to inspire social change
  • Education – to create an awareness of the interconnection between humans, animals and the environment
  • Projects – that contribute to sustainable change.

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Artemis Tierschutzstation Südkreta

Was tun wir in der Tierschutzstation Südkreta außer der Tiervermittlung?

Neben diesem Engagement für Einzelschicksale – denn letztlich lassen sich auch bei größtem Einsatz immer nur viel zu wenige retten – setzen wir da an, wo das Leid immer und immer von neuem beginnt: In den Köpfen der Menschen.

Wir nehmen daher strukturell im Ursprungsland – hier: Kreta – Einfluss:

Einerseits bemühen wir uns, politische Entscheidungsträger dahingehend zu sensibilisieren, sich für einen wirksamen Tierschutz im Land nachhaltig einzusetzen, bis sich die Situation besonders für die Heim- und Straßentiere spürbar verbessert hat.

Weiterhin nehmen wir auch auf Tierhalter im Land durch Aufklärung und Information Einfluss, um zu erreichen, dass die Würde der Tiere respektiert wird und sich deren Leben verbessert. Dazu zählt auch eine angemessene Geburtenkontrolle, um die ungehinderte Vermehrung von Heim- und Straßentieren zu stoppen.

Letztlich möchten wir auch an Sie appellieren, sich für einen wirksamen Tierschutz – besonders im Ausland – einzusetzen. Als Tourist haben Sie die Möglichkeit, auf Ihre Gastgeber Einfluss zu nehmen, indem Sie zeigen, dass Ihnen die Würde der Tiere wichtig ist. Sie können sich weiterhin auch als Flugpate für die Rettung eines Tieres einsetzen.

Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie die Internetseite:


Wir sind eine deutsche Familie, die nach Kreta gezogen ist und dort schon bald den ersten Welpen aus der Mülltonne gefunden hat. Sehr schnell wurde uns die Situation der Tiere hier in Kreta vor Augen geführt. Wegschauen konnten wir nicht. Deshalb engagieren wir uns mittlerweile seit über zwölf Jahren auf der schönen Ferieninsel für bessere Lebensbedingungen, für eine Aufklärung der Bevölkerung, für Kastrationsmaßnahmen vor Ort und auch für eine Vermittlung von Tieren, die hier keine Überlebenschance hätten. Mittlerweile sind wir nicht nur Großeltern geworden sondern haben auch eine HundeGroßfamilie gegründet. Unsere Aufnahme- und Pflegestation hat sich inzwischen etabliert und wir konnten die Gesundheits- und Unterbringungssituation unserer Pflegehunde erheblich verbessern. Derzeit haben wir die Möglichkeit bis zu 40 Hunde,Welpen und Katzen aufzunehmen und angemessen zu versorgen.Unser einziger und schönster Lohn sind die dankbaren Augen der Tiere, die unsere Herzen öffnen!

Herzlichst ihre Michaela und Sabrina Maier

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P.A.W.S Crete

Thank you for visiting PAWS Crete.  We are a small voluntary animal welfare organisation established in 2009 and based in Istron, Kalo Horio, in East Crete, Greece.
We are dedicated to helping the plight of animals wherever we can.

PAWS volunteers rescue mistreated and abandoned animals, mostly dogs and puppies, and bring them to a safe foster home where they can relax and regain their health and begin to trust people again.  Over a period of a month or so we complete their vaccinations and prepare them for life in a permanent home.

Most of our rescued dogs have been flown to new homes in Holland with the help of the Mirtos Animal Project.  The Mirtos Animal Project is a voluntary organisation based in Holland and committed to helping rescued dogs find the loving homes they deserve.

In the long term we hope to be active in encouraging the Greek Government and law enforcement to uphold the animal welfare laws which are currently in place but rarely enforced.  We are also committed to working with other animal welfare groups, such as the Cretan Animal Welfare Group in Malia, who are dedicated to educating children on the importance of being kind and gentle towards animals in the hope of producing a new generation of Greeks who care for, love and respect animals.

PAWS BOARD MEMBERS                             More Information:

President Joan
Vice President- Jill
Treasurer Barbara
Secretary Karen
Member Bob.

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Walk with Donkeys on Crete

‘Walk with donkeys’ sanctuary was started in 2006 and is run by Alistair and Suzanne. It is a ‘not for profit’ charitable organisation in Greece. we receive no money or help from the government. We rely on fundraising and donations to help us to look after these wonderful and previously abused animals.

After witnessing a donkey being left out in the sun to die we realised that we must start a home for unwanted donkeys so that their owners do not have to kill the donkeys when they are no longer of use to them.

The donkeys that we take into our sanctuary are given a ‚till death us do part‘ home. We do not sell or give away these donkeys. We do not re-home them in other parts of Europe.
Here in the beautiful surroundings close to the village of Anatoli near Ierapetra we have built a home for unwanted donkeys. Here they can live peacefully and happily in the company of other donkeys. Here they receive love, care, food, water and any medical attention that is needed.

More Information:

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CAP – Cretan Animal Protection

C.A.P was established by a group of ex pats from Luxembourg, Germany and the UK and legally registered at the end of August 2009 its aims being to provide care for and protect the animals (stray or otherwise) in the regions of Kokkini Hani, Gournes and Gouves, although since 2003 stray and unwanted dogs are by law the responsibility of the municipalities.

We are a non profit organisation and raise money  through donations,selling CAP products with our logo and  by holding local bazaars.

We have  dogs awaiting their journey to a new home in Holland and the UK and are rehoming cats also. These animals require microchipping and vaccinations and are sterilised before they go  if they are old enough.

More Information:

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Friends Of The Animals – Elounda – Crete

The official site of Elounda’s Local Animal Welfare Group Crete is a beautiful Mediterranean island and like its climate the people are warm and friendly. However, kindness and friendliness does not exist for many of the animals here hence the reason for creating our organisation a few years ago.

Who Are We and What do we do?

We are a small animal welfare organisation and registered charity, formed in 1998, dedicated to helping those poor animals who are suffering and unable to help themselves. We rescue stray dogs from the streets and it is very often the case that these strays have been cruelly treated, injured or abandoned and are often starving. Life for them on the streets is hard and dangerous as they run the risk of poisoning or becoming a victim of the traffic. We put them into one of our few, temporary foster homes and ensure that they receive whatever veterinary treatment they may need.

More Information:

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